Caring for your Oriental Rug

Oriental rugs add charm and elegance to the room. With many amazing styles, available, the oriental rug is easy to place in the family room, bedroom, den, or other area of the home to add elegance and charm. If you are ready to purchase oriental rugs Nashua NH or already own one of these beautiful rugs, caring for the rug properly is important.

A few tips that you can use to care for your oriental rug include:

  • Clean the rug daily with a vacuum cleaner. This is the easiest way to remove surface soil. Attachments on your vacuum work wonderfully for cleaning rugs that are partially underneath furniture.
  • When liquids are spilled on the rug (and that will happen) immediately soak them up with a paper towel to remove the excess moisture. You should then wet, rinse, and again blot the spot until it is dry.
  • Use moth repellent when storing your oriental rug for any length of time.
  • Use furniture protectors on the legs to ensure that carpet fibers aren’t crushed.
  • Your oriental rug should be washed at least once per year. This is not a task that you should attempt to handle on your own, however, so make sure to find a rug cleaning expert that specializes in oriental rug cleaning.

The addition of an oriental rug to your home is an awesome piece of art that you will love, as will those within your family, neighbors, friends, and others who visit. With the tips and information above, that beautiful rug will be a part of your life for a long time to come.